About Kingman

The town of Kingman was established in 1882.  Lt Beale’s Camel Corps went through the area in 1857, surveying a wagon road along the 35th parallel.  Ft Mohave was established to fend off the hostile Indians in the area.  The off-duty soldiers scouted the hills and found gold & silver.  Mining camps sprang up and then in the 1870’s cattle were driven in to take advantage of the lush grasses.  In 1880, Lewis Kingman surveyed along the Atlantic & Pacific right of way between Needles and Albuquerque and by 1883 the track was completed. 

The town of Kingman, located along the railroad, grew rapidly the first few years.  It became the County Seat of Mohave County in 1887. 

In 1906, Thomas Devine and family came to Kingman from Flagstaff & purchased the Beale Hotel.  His son Andy, who was one year old when they moved here, would grow up to become one of the best-known character actors in the movies.  After his rise to stardom, Front Street in Kingman, was renamed Andy Devine Avenue.

Desert Power & Water Company opened its new powerhouse in 1909, turning on the juice July 31.  By that October, Kingman businesses were electrically lighted and many residences were following suit.  The Powerhouse was viable through 1938, but was put on standby as Hoover (Boulder) Dam was now online. 

This Powerhouse is now the Visitor Center and but one of many historical site in this City.

In 1927, the National Highway System was formed.  By 1937, Route 66 was completely paved from Chicago to Santa Monica, CA….running right through the middle of Kingman, AZ.  After the coming of the Interstate Highway System which was begun after WWII, Route 66 was pretty much abandoned to the faster mode of travel called Interstate 40.  This highway also passes through Kingman, AZ.  The “NAFTA” highway, US93 goes through Kingman and on north to Canada.  These highways, coupled with the railroad make Kingman quite a transportation hub.  You can get anywhere from here.  Route 66 is now designated an Historic Highway and many come to travel this nostalgic route.

During World War II Kingman served as a gunnery school for the B17 Bomber Flying Fortress.  This former Army Airfield is now the sight of the Kingman Airport & Industrial Park. The airport along with FedEX, True Value, UPS, Southwire, American Woodmark Corp., Laron Engineering and many more name brands operate out of the Industrial Park proving that Kingman is an ideal place for distribution and manufacturing.

Kingman has a population of about 28,000 within the City limits and 43,000 including the surrounding areas.  Kingman has attracted name brand stores such as Home Depot, Ross, Chili’s, Staples & PetSmart.  The climate is temperate as the City is situated at an altitude of roughly 3,500 feet above sea level.  We have a wonderful County Park just 15 miles away from the heart of Route 66 in Kingman that reaches an altitude of over 6,500 feet.  It makes for a cool summer escape for recreation and a winter wonderland come December.

Many people have relocated to Kingman for its climate, accessible educational system, low crime rate and location.  Kingman is very close to California, Nevada and the Grand Canyon.  The City tax rate is low, land is available and the housing market is competitive.  Medical care is state-of-the-art with Kingman Regional Medical Center being affiliated with Mayo Clinic in several specialties.

All in all, this is a wonderful place to live, raise children, and retire!