Kingman Unified School Districtkhs courtyard #20 is a preschool through twelfth grade public school district. The attendance boundaries are J-shaped, reaching as far as the Colorado River, and serving over 2,000 square miles.The district has eleven school sites with a total enrollment of 7,400 students. Class sizes average 22 students. KUSD curriculum follows the Arizona Academic Standards. The standards for each grade level are listed in curriculum overviews to guide teachers in classroom instruction. The district participates in the Arizona Assessment Program, including District Achievement Plan assessments imbedded on the curriculum throughout the year, spring Terra Nova testing, and AIMS criterion-referenced tests.

 A full spectrum of Special Education services is provided for students with special needs. We are proud of our many extra-curricular and enrichment programs. All schools share a common commitment to excellence and a safe, positive climate. Parental involvement and diversified programs create accomplishments for everyone. The district employs 416 certified and 435 non-certified personnel. We offer "Little Learners," an all-day Kindergarten program in every K-6 building.

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