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The Chambers Mission Statement:   To support and promote Kingman Area BusinessesThe Chambers Core Values:  B.E.A.R.Building Business Networking – Economic Development – Act/Advocate – Represent Business to Government Survey results reveal the Chambers top priorities for 2014 Representing the Interests of Business to GovernmentBusiness & Government Mission Statement: To explore, address, and communicate issues of importance to Chamber members and the business community at large.Goals:Promote Educational/Informational Candidates Forums in election years. & Government The origins of the Kingman Area Chamber, Past Chairmen, and locations of chamber office.



Kingman will host the 2014 Route 66 Festival. The Chamber of Commerce will open the festival with a welcome reception at the Beale Event center on August 14, 2014 at high noon. Authors, Artists and Automobile Collectors from around the world will also be available through out the entire festival to autograph their books, display their artwork and Automobiles from throughout the entire genre of Model T's to the technological advanced concepts and even the Tesla automobiles that are advancing the industry and Route 66 to become the electric highway.The festival will run through August 14 -17, 2014. There will be vendors coming in from all points east, west, north, and south. You will not want to miss this great gathering of automotive knowledge and acumen. You might even get the chance to see Marty McFly driving Doc's DeLorean time machine, since Doc has not returned from the past with his loving wife Stella. You might see former Tonight show host Jay Leno driving one of his automobiles from his collection. This event will just be to great to pass up.

More information will be posted as we organize the event.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

First of all - you should know something about the organization for which you are a Member.

Your Chamber is NOT a part of the city, county or state governments; a political party or faction; a civic or social club; a social service or welfare agency. It is a Business Organization made up of dues paying members.

 The Chamber of Commerce has the responsibility of the economic well-being of our community to preserve our business system, to promote business growth and development. The Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic living process because its people are working for the betterment of the Kingman area.

It is primarily an organization of business, industry and professional men and women who have joined together to work for the solution of their mutual business and community problem/needs. In Kingman, as in every other area, there is a distinct need for an organized group such as the Chamber of Commerce. There are problems and opportunities which an individual by himself / herself cannot possibly solve; but by working with others, pooling time and resources, important accomplishments can be made.